The National Weather Service has posted the snow totals from yesterday's snowstorm that canceled classes across Southern Minnesota and led to plenty of crashes and cars driving into the ditch with slick roads from rain falling before it turned into snow. So who had the most snow? Mankato will receive the golden shovel for having recorded the most snowfall yesterday. Actually, it was 1 mile West of Mankato that recorded the most snow, 12" was recorded to have fallen.

Faribault officially was recorded to have received 5" of snow, Owatonna 7" of the fresh white stuff. To the North and West of Faribault, New Prague recorded slightly more than 9" of snow.

Elsewhere across Southern Minnesota, Rochester got smacked by snow as snow totals varied between 10" 4 miles North of the Med City to 8" 2 miles to the East of Rochester. According to KROC-AM, it was a record amount of snow to have fallen. The Minnesota State Patrol tweeted that in the Rochester area between 6am and 4pm here were 37 property damage crashes and over 60 people who went in the ditch.

That number is higher than what was reported for the Mankato area.


1 Mile West of Mankato - 12"
Nicollet - 10.8"
2 miles West of New Prague 9.5"
Chatfield - 9.2"
Clarks Grove - 9"
Waseca - 8.2"
Albert Lea - 8"
Owatonna - 7"
Faribault - 5"
7 miles East of Kilkenny - 4.5"

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