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Few things are more annoying than having neighbors who are REALLY loud. But just how loud are Minnesota neighbors compared to other states?

Our ongoing battle with the coronavirus outbreak has forced all of us to spend a lot more time at home than we were all probably used to doing before. And, if you have some loud neighbors, yeah, that's just not fun.

But, as a state, just HOW loud are neighbors here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes compared to other states? That's what the gang over at TheWaycroft attempted to find out in this new Noisy Neighbor survey. They explained it like this:

We conducted an online survey of 5,510 American adults from all across the country about their noisy neighbor experiences. They asked them to share where and who these noisy neighbors were as well as what interruptive behaviors they had encountered. Finally, we asked them about how they responded to their noisy neighbors to get a better sense of the acceptable etiquette around these behaviors.

And, the results say that the state with the noisiest neighbors is... Idaho. Idaho?!? Really? Apparently so, because Idaho had the highest percentage of respondents (15.6%) who said their neighbors were louder than average in the survey. New York came in second (that seems to make sense, given how loud and brash New Yorkers can be), followed by Vermont, Kentucky and Georgia.

Meanwhile, the state with the quietest neighbors was... South Carolina. They had the highest percentage (14.9%) of respondents who said their neighbors were quieter than average in the survey. Other top quiet-neighbor states include Missouri, Arkansas, North Carolina, and our neighbors to the south down in Iowa.

So where did Minnesota rank? Well, the survey doesn't specifically mention where the North Star State ranks when it comes to loud neighbors. And since we're not on the loudest or quietest neighbors list, I guess we must be somewhere in the middle. Which totally IS Minnesota, right? We don't want to be too loud, given our Minnesota-niceness, even if we'll be mumbling about having to be quiet under our breath, right?

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