People customize a lot of things, their homes, cars, some even go as far as customizing their lawns. Now you can add one more thing to the customization list, Alexa. I had no idea that someone could create their own Alexa skill. I mean outside of telling Alexa to play your favorite radio station, and to check the weather, what else does a person need?

So how does someone create their own Alexa skill? Well, you are going to have to use Alexa Skill Blueprints, which are templates of sorts for creating your own skills. This site houses over 20 different templates for creating everything from trivia games to your own interactive fairy tales.

When you launch a skill template the website will show you a sample of what you can do with it. Click “Make Your Own” to create a version for yourself. Every skill template has pre-filled content that you can use just the way it is or customize the content for your own needs.

Once you’re done creating, your skill will be available to use pretty much instantly on all the Amazon devices associated with your account. If you think the app you created is really good, unleash it to the rest of the Amazon network!

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