It's a strange question, but one that is a possible reality for those living out in California.

If you are not familiar with what is going on, a guy in California is proposing that the state be divided up into two states, with the state becoming "New California" which is mostly rural, and California which includes Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. This has been floated around before, and still seems unlikely to happen anytime soon.

So how would you divide up the state of Minnesota? Would it become two states? Three? If I had to draw the new state lines I would put the Twin Cities/Metro Area for one state, then Southern Minnesota as another state, followed by the rest of the state to be the third portion. It makes sense, Southern Minnesota has more of a traditional farming economy, while Central/Western/Northern Minnesota have more of a mining industrial feel to what they do.

Or would we just be Minnesota "Nice" and roll with the punches and just get along?

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