It was the kind of reaction that isn't expected when someone announces their resignation at a school board meeting, but Shannon Davis who was a building nurse for the Prior Lake-Savage Area School district 'walked off' after resigning her position Monday night. Those in attendance celebrated Davis' opinions shared to the school board, prompting the board to sit awkwardly while the cheers died down.

Davis' resignation starts around the 6:45 marker of the video with her being called to the podium to speak. After Davis gives her address and position within the district an audible gasp is caught on a microphone after she stated to the board she was here to announce her resignation.

According to Davis, it was the "District's mandates, regulations, and policies" that were in place throughout the 2020-2021 school year that prompted her to resign. Davis went on to say to the board that "We have failed the children and made them feel like they were the problem because of COVID."

At the end of her time speaking Davis gave what I thought was the most honest assessment that one can give when she clearly looked deep into herself when she was writing this and then said "I will not harm the emotional, mental, or physical health and education of these children any longer. I hope you and the administration will forego the policies of this last school year and let the parents make the decisions that are best for their children."

You can watch the entire resignation above in the video. Shannon Davis is still listed as a school district employee on the district's website.

Looking at the district's website, it appears that masks are being recommended but not required for those 2 years older and up at schools in the district. However, those using buses to come to school will be required to wear a mask when inside the bus. You can see the entire list of 2021-22 back-to-school plans here for the Prior Lake - Savage School District. 

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