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I never thought I'd ever witness a UFO. I sure as heck not only saw one, it nearly hit my truck., too.

You know that UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, right? Well, until somebody tells me what the heck this thing is, it certainly is a UFO.

Friday afternoon (May 7th) ,I was traveling down the Interstate 27 access road just past Loop 289 in North Lubbock when I saw cars on the horizon stopping. I could just barely see something. It looked like a large blob or one of those blocks the Borg from Star Trek fly around in to assimilate people. It didn't appear to be crushing the cars or hurting anyone, so I whipped out my phone.

It's weird how it didn't even hit my truck. It didn't have any problem colliding with anything around me. It just missed me, so I guess it was not interested. Still, it's unidentified. Some of the more popular guesses from my friends were 'part of a bounce house' or 'inflatable bed,' but you can see that there's no way inside it, and it was much, much bigger than a bed. In fact, when describing its size, it looked like a dozen mattresses strapped together.

I don't doubt that it flew out of someone's truck or backyard, but what the heck is it? Maybe you'll recognize it. It's probably in Canyon or Amarillo by now, if not Nebraska. I guess nobody got hurt because I haven't seen anybody else even mention this thing.

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