How does "from the toilet to the tap" sound to you?

Yuckeroo! Out west they've had a bit of a drought and it's causing some real problems. The solution: drink toilet water. Actually, toilet water is already filtered and reintroduced into some systems, and now they may add wastewater to the list.

So what exactly is "wastewater"? My best guess is that it would be the runoff from factory processes, stuff collected in storm drains, and whatnot.  Even then, 'wastewater' sounds better than purified poo water.

The idea is a pretty yuck one, but really how yuck is it? The water you're drinking right now may have fluids from your ancestors in it. If it's lake water, it probably has a bit of fish pee in it. Let's be honest too; some of you have grabbed an icicle off your house and licked it, not thinking about all the birds that pooped on your roof before it dripped down into the icicle shape.

Experts predict that recycling water is going to be a huge concern nationally as they look to future needs. Count me among those who trust the science. Nature recycles our water right now and I'm sure we can find a scientific process that will equal or exceed the purity that is pumped into town.

These are strange times indeed my friends and it's going to take a minute to get over that hurdle of knowing that big glass of agua fria once had your cousin's urine in it. It may seem like a bridge too far, but it's one we may eventually have to take.


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