About five hours and 28 minutes south and west of Rochester, right across the river from Omaha, Nebraska, is Council Bluff, Iowa. Known for being the historic starting point of the Mormon Trail, the official starting point of the transcontinental railroad, and a couple in love that just made national news.

Johnathan Johnson Wasn't Sure He'd Be Alive Much Longer

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Johnathan Johnson and then Mariah Copeland, have been together a while, they have a son, and had been engaged for about a year. The life of the three was thrown into turmoil when Johnathan, not vaccinated at the time, was infected by the Coronavirus and ended up on a ventilator for a month.

Johnson spent a total of 47 days in the Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital.

NBC 6 News talked to two of his nurses, who said,

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“He was as sick as you be without passing away,” said Nurse Amy Waldstein.

“There were times we all questioned whether he would make it home,” said Nurse Jenna Harvey.

But Johnson did recover, and when he was on the road to better health, he didn't want to waste another minute of life. He pulled the nurses aside and asked a favor. Would they help him get married in his hospital room?

They said yes! And became the wedding planners.

The Wedding of The Patient and the Patient Fiance

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It was to be a surprise, so Mariah Copeland had to be gotten to the hospital without her knowing what was up. Her friends took her on a special girls date where she got a mani/pedi, facial, makeup, the whole ball of wax, and then, they got her to the hospital IN a fancy dress!

The medical staff got the refreshments together, and Johnathan and Mariah were married. According to NBC 6, the bride, the now Mariah Copeland-Johnson, was completely surprised.

“I was completely blown away. It was an emotional bawl. I didn’t think this would happen that fast. I’m so happy he did it, so I can spend forever with the man I love..."

When their son, almost two years old now, is older, he'll get a heck of a wedding story from his parents.

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