Yep. That is the latest claim. A 5G antenna is really what that metal wire is in your face mask. This is referring to the masks that actually have a wire in them by the nose area. Not the cloth ones that don't have any wires in them, obviously.

This claim originally came about from actor Woody Harrelson.  He was claiming that there was a conspiracy with the masks and that they contained a 5G antenna.  Of course, that got people thinking... 'Hey, maybe there is'... No.  There's not.  And this was back in April around the time that the Coronavirus was gaining a lot of attention with shut-downs, and what are we supposed to do, quarantine, etc.  So, when you are looking for an answer for something that is world-wide and we don't really know much about it, conspiracy theories abound.  And when it comes form a beloved public figure, in this case, an actor, people will get on board without a lot of common sense.

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Now, in July, this theory is gaining a lot of attention again, as it's being shared all over social media.  So, it's been fact-checked.  Because lately, everything is fact-checked. And probably with good reason.

The wire that is in some masks are for the wearer to fit the mask to their individual face.  These masks were made by Minnesota company, 3M and they state that is what the metal wire is actually for.

There ya go...let the conspiracy theories continue... 'cuz it's kind of fun to see what people come up  with.

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