I was hanging out on social media when I saw a post from someone that made my jaw drop. It was a person holding a piece of paper that they stated came after they filled up at Faribo Farm and Home Supply. The piece of paper said, "To Our Valued Customers: Due to the high cost to bring our pumps up to code/regulation we will be shutting down our gasoline services at the end of the week...We appreciate your years of loyalty."

Sitting and talking with Gordy and Jerry this morning about the news, they both couldn't believe it. They both marveled at how popular the store is, and how down to earth and knowledgable the staff is.

I called up the store and talked to Mike about the closing, he cited the cost to upgrade is the biggest factor, the cost being "over six figures". After asking Mike about customer reaction to the news, he said they were sad, but understanding with how much it costs to be in line with today's standards.

When the station closes, the area that it currently uses will be used for parking for the store.

Full-service gas stations are a rare breed in Minnesota, but not to Faribault. With the closing of the gas side of Faribo Farm and Home, it leaves the town with just two full-service options. Glenn's on the 600-block of Central Ave N. and Meehl's Auto and Tire on the 700-block of Central Ave N.

If you have a favorite Faribo Farm and Home gas station memory feel free to share it in the comments section!

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