The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board voted unanimously this past Wednesday night to repeal an ordinance regarding proper attire after determining that the current ordinances are already covered by city and state law.

FOX 9 reports that the repealed language which is part of the Minneapolis Park Board ordinance PB 2-21 states:

No person ten (10) years of age or older shall intentionally expose his or her own genitals, pubic area, buttocks or female breast below the top of the areola, with less than a fully opaque covering in or upon any park or parkway.

This issue first came to light back in July of this year as park board commissioner Chris Meyer pushed to repeal the ordinance. In a post on his Facebook page he stated that "the only impact the repeal would have is eliminating the language which targets female breasts."

According to KARE 11 as of this Summer Minneapolis City Ordinance 385.160 allows women and transgender people to go topless on city streets, but the park board’s ordinance prevents this from happening in the city’s parks.

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I know that I have not lived in Minneapolis for quite a while, but most of the time that I did live there I resided right by Bde Maka Ska ( Lake Calhoun) and Lake of the Isles which I biked around on almost a daily basis. I had heard rumors of some areas of  Bde Maka Ska being a "nude" beach but I personally had never seen anything like that. But maybe the chain of lakes is not considered a city park? I am all for people being able to express themselves however they like as long as it does not hurt anybody else, but I have never seen a female walking down the streets of Minneapolis topless even though supposedly there is an ordinance that would allow it.

I know in Europe topless beaches are commonplace but not so much here in the United States. My concern is for the welfare of these women who just want to freely express themselves. Are they going to be verbally harassed or worse? We live in a society where some females are subjected to cat calls, lude comments and even sexually harassed being fully clothed. Again, I personally would not care nor would I choose to go topless but that is just me. Since this has gone through and the Minneapolis Park and Rec. Police will not longer be ticketing topless females in city parks I guess all we can do is wait and see when the warm weather returns if people will actually do it?

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