Trying to find your way around a part of the state or city you're not familiar with can be tricky-- especially when the street or road you're looking for in Minnesota has TWO names.

Google Street View
Google Street View

There are several roads in our neck of the woods that are both city streets and county roads, and thus, have two names. Take, for example, West Circle Drive. It's also known as CSAH 22 (which stands for County State Aid Highway, btw, and is a whole other topic for another time).

But how about those Minnesota roads that have TWO names as part of their name? I'm talking about how Minnesota tacks a 'boulevard' along the end of some county roads. Like, say, Goodhue County Road 6, which runs north out of Zumbrota all the way up to Red Wing.

Look on Google Maps, and it's known as 'Country Road 6 Boulevard.' What-- County Road 6 isn't good enough? What's with the extra 'boulevard' on there? The same goes for U.S. Highway 52, north of Zumbrota. That sign above this story is from the intersection of Sherwood Trail. Note that Highway-52 is listed as 'Highway-52 Boulevard.' Again, what's with the 'boulevard?!?

Not to be outdone, closer to home here in Rochester, we have a similar instance when it comes to 44th Av Ct SW, which is located southwest of Country Club Road. Take a look at that picture above to the left. So, this street is both an avenue and a court?!? How can one street be both?!?

What's up with always adding two names to our streets, Minnesota?!?

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