I can't believe I almost let National Pancake Day go by without me noticing! I also can't believe I almost missed out on free pancakes at IHOP! You read that correctly, IHOP is giving away free short stacks of original buttermilk pancakes from 7AM-7PM today. No need to sign up for a loyalty program, no need to print out a coupon, and no other purchase is necessary. Of course, the catch for us down here in South East Minnesota is that the closest IHOP is in Apple Valley. That is only a 40 minute drive for free pancakes though... probably worth it! Another perk for going to IHOP today is that every National Pancake Day they collect donations for local children's hospitals and health organizations. All customers are encouraged to donate and help them get to their goal of $5 million! Free pancakes and you can help local hospitals? That 40 minute drive definitely sounds worth it now! Pancakes for dinner anyone?

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