For those that have driven down I-94 to get to a Minnesota Vikings game or a Twins game, you may have noticed a car perched on top of a pole with a mannequin inside of it, just past the exit for Lyndale Ave N. The 'sign' as the owner called it had been there for years, as a way to let people know where his business was located. Sadly as with many things in life, things change. That car on a pole has been replaced, with an actual sign for the business that occupies that spot near I-94.

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I've wondered aloud just about every time I would drive past this 'sign' on I-94, about how many people from out of state, or for that matter from greater Minnesota have seen that car and mannequin and wondered what was up with that. That number had to be in the thousands, right?

Replacing that teetering Porche on the pole is a real sign for a bus company, to me it just doesn't look the same, and it definitely won't be getting the same looks as cars whiz by on I-94.

A post from Best of Minnesota on social media shows the changing of the signs in 4 photos.

Minnie Mapco along I-94 in North Minneapolis was just removed. Back when Mapco Auto Parts was located there, the owner wanted to put a sign visible from the freeway but was denied by the city. But there is no specific ordinance prohibiting a convertible with a mannequin in it on a huge pole.

I get it, change happens, but when pieces of urban history go away I feel like we are losing something, something that only those who saw that 'sign' can understand.

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