It sure was fun for Louise and I to watch the Gophers men's basketball team at the Kohl Center in Madison last week, according to my math, Minnesota won! It was a very competitive game that was tied with a little over a minute left. Some would say that the Wisconsin Badgers won the game. However, according to my math, Minnesota actually won the game by a large margin?


It is quite simple. There were two Badger starters that were great 3 point shooters who were actually from Minnesota. Just add all their points to Minnesota, and the Gophers actually won the game, by a substantial margin! Hopefully our new coach Ben Johnson in the future will be able to keep great players at home playing for the Gophers!


The Kohl Center is quite an avenue for a college basketball game. Not quite like the historic Barn on the University of Minnesota campus but there was always some type of action going on during the time outs and pre-game show. It was a little tough to watch the Badgers honor and recognize the NCAA National Champion women's volleyball team at half-time. Yes, if I remember correctly the Badger women beat the Gophers in the Final Four?

During the game there were a couple times the Gophers were down by 8 or 10 points but they kept fighting their way back and did not give up. They sure hustled and played hard for Coach Johnson.

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