Kenyon Police are on the lookout for a vehicle with substantial front-end damage after it hit the Kenyon Meats building earlier this week. The building most likely can be repaired, but the damage that was done won't be cheap to fix.

Kenyon Police posted that they were looking for a Nisson Pathfinder with front-end damage that was sustained early Sunday morning.

Caleb Thomas posted pictures of the damage on the Facebook page for Concerned Citizens of Kenyon. Those pictures show damage to both the outside of the building and inside, including cracked and broken tiles, and damaged cinder blocks outside the business.

Image Credits: Caleb Thomas via Facebook
Image Credits: Caleb Thomas via Facebook

Kenyon Police Department is looking for a silver Nissan Pathfinder, possible years are 1999-2004. It was involved in a hit-and-run incident. There were parts left at a scene of the hit and run. We were able to get the make, model, and years from the parts. The vehicle we’re looking for will have damage to the front and possible airbag deployment. If you know of anyone that has a vehicle description like this, please contact Kenyon Police Department at 507-789-5214, or Goodhue County dispatch at 651-385-3155. Thank you!

Photos from before the damage show the area most affected seems to be directly behind the meat counter.

It's unclear as to why the driver left the scene of the crash.

If you may have seen something in the early morning hours on Sunday related to this hit and run, you are being asked to contact either the Kenyon Police Department or the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office.

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