Kenyon Police yesterday posted a still photo from a security camera that showed a man walking around at night. While the figure doesn't appear to be doing anything wrong at the time, Kenyon Police took the time to advise residents to stay alert as they feel the 'masked' man is someone who has a history of theft in the area. Overall it's a good reminder for everyone that as we start to see overnight temps warm with spring on the way, to make sure your doors and windows are closed and locked, in order to prevent theft.

A suspect who is often wearing a backpack, hoody, and facemask continues to be seen walking around Kenyon at night. He tends to walk through alleys and low-light areas. He was out again last night approaching garages. At one point last night, he was seen carrying a box towards Spring street, but Law Enforcement was not notified until this morning. We received a photo of the suspect later in the day of him approaching this garage, but the motion light scared him away. We feel he's the same person who has been charged with multiple burglaries already in the area. At this point, we don't have any complaints of burglaries or thefts from last night. FYI, the court process takes time to go through, so right now, we have to wait for that process to be finalized on those cases. Until then, we'll try to catch him doing the next burglary or theft. The suspect(s) have been known to break into garages and steal tools. He is also known to steal various kinds of wire and other items for scrapping. Please take precautions in preventing the suspect and his associates from breaking into your garage, homes, new construction sites, and outbuildings. Please call dispatch at 911 or 651-385-3155 if you see someone matching this description walking around town at all times of the night. If you see the suspect getting into a vehicle, please get the vehicle description and license plate information. Please avoid calling police officers directly, unless you know they are working. Call dispatch directly to avoid delays. (Please avoid giving "tips" in the comments section. If you have any, please contact the police department or dispatch.) Thank you for your time and vigilance.
Side note: If anyone is willing and wants to organize a Neighborhood Watch group, please contact the Police Department.
The post also reflects on how life in a small, mainly rural town like Kenyon, is much different than larger cities, as the post reminds residents to call dispatch to report suspicious behavior rather than call police officers directly.
That right there tells you just how close-knit this community is to law enforcement when a majority of residents would rather call an independent officer rather than dispatch.

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