This product that Paul and I talked about during Carly's Curious Cabinet today would be a good gift for a lot of different people. People who are on their feet a lot, people who get cold feet easily, people that just need to relax all would benefit from this item.


The Warming Foot Massager!

Credit: The Lakeside Collection via Amazon
Credit: The Lakeside Collection via Amazon

Now obviously there are plenty of alternatives to this specific warming foot massager but this is the specific one we talked about today.

I think this product is a great idea except that you're confined to one spot while you're using it and it also just looks like a ridiculously large sock.

Paul thinks that he wouldn't like it but he can see how people who work on their feet a lot at places like Daikin would really enjoy this.

What do you think? Would you ever use something like this?


HERE is a link to the specific product we referenced today!

And you can check out more from The Lakeside Collection HERE!


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