Minnesota landowners with grassland or wetlands within 20 miles of the Austin area are being sought to participate in the 2019 Minnesota Governor's Pheasant Hunting Opener in October.

It will be the first time that Gov. Tim Walz will lead the event, which takes place October 11-12 this year, and it showcases the many hunting, recreation, tourism and community opportunities that the Austin area has to offer, according to the Minnesota DNR.

“I’m eager to celebrate this special tradition and am grateful that the people of Austin have offered to host the 2019 Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener,” said Gov. Walz. “It’s an honor to carry this tradition forward, and I look forward to many fantastic memories being made in Austin this fall.”

The planning committee is reaching out to landowners who may be willing to grant access to hunters involved in the event.

The land will be hunted only on October 12, 2019 as part of the Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener. Invited hunters will be led by local hunter hosts, which may include local landowners. Ideal lands for the Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener include grasslands or wetlands that support pheasant populations.

Any landowners that are interested in promoting hunting, conservation, and tourism in the area by allowing hunting access for the event or seeking additional information should contact Justin Hanson at justin.hanson@mowerswcd.org or by calling 507-434-2603.

Explore Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources are assisting Discover Austin and other local partners in planning the event.

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