Half of my high school career I spent at a sustainability-focused school and my college was also very adamant about teaching all of us about how to lead more sustainable lives. I know many people don't get to attend schools like that which is why when events like this come up I think it's important to let you know about it!

This Saturday you can visit a bunch of different homes around Minnesota that the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society (MRES) consider sustainable homes and learn more about what they're doing to live more sustainable lives and how you can do the same!

There are 7 of these homes that are close by in Rochester. On Saturday between 10 am and 3 pm you can do a free, self-guided tour to take a look at these homes and have the owners talk with you about what they did to create these sustainable homes.

MRES says on their website that this event is "designed to help spread knowledge of sustainable living practices by connecting homeowners to the curious public."

Check out the specific addresses of the homes you can visit HERE!


Source: MRES


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