You can now stream a previously unheard take on 'Black Dog' ahead of the forthcoming reissue of Led Zeppelin's 'IV.' It finds the band in the midst of an early pass, with a higher guide vocal from Robert Plant and fewer of the familiar guitar overdubs.

This cool new version, premiering courtesy of Rolling Stone, is but one promised highlight of the Jimmy Page-curated reissues of 'IV' and 'Houses of the Holy,' which will arrive on October 28. They follow well-received reissues of Led Zeppelin's first three albums, all of which zoomed into the Top 10.

Once again, these reissues will include by a remastered edition of the original album plus a bonus disc filled with previously unreleased tracks like 'Black Dog.' The super-deluxe versions also feature both CD and vinyl versions of both discs, plus an 80-page book and a high-quality print of the vintage album cover.

"'Black Dog' is obviously one of the songs that Led Zeppelin is really noted for," Page tells Rolling Stone. "It's one of the powerhouse numbers that we did with an incredible riff."

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