Whether they have summer vacation on their mind or not Faribault area students just got a big helping hand when it comes to reading. In a Facebook post to the Faribault School Districts page, CCFBank in Faribault recently donated a check for over $4,000 to go towards the Books on the Bus initiative. 

The school district received the $4,335 donation on Friday from CCFBank in Faribault that will go towards the Books on the Bus initiative. The post goes on to indicate how the donation will be spent. "The donation pays for the 122 canvas pouches Faribault Transportation is currently installing in their buses so students can read books while traveling to and from school." wrote the school district.

The initiative was created to stock Faribault buses "with new or gently used books" that the "students can read while riding on the bus." The program also utilized the Business Design class at Faribault High School to create the design on the front of the book pouch.

An online press release about the program quotes district Director of Finance and Operations Jennifer Walsh saying, the initiative, "will provide a unique opportunity for students, especially since some of them have very long bus rides, to have access to reading material.”

According to CCFBank's website, "CCFBank is dedicated to the needs" of the communities they are located in, and that they "strive to commit resources and team member participation throughout the areas we serve."

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