Let one student's irresponsible Snapchat prank be a learning moment for your own student(s).

March 21, the Stearns County Sheriff's office received a report concerning a student who wasn't in school that day.

According to another student, the missing student had sent a Snapchat message that read "Please help me, someone is in my house with a gun. I’m hiding under my bed."

The missing student did not respond to messages back, prompting the police report.

Due to the supposed threat of the situation, Stearns County Sheriff's office responded to the home of the missing student with the assistance of the Cold Spring Police Department, reports Bring Me the News.

Rather than someone with a gun, they found the student -- who "appeared to be very happy" -- at home with their father and younger siblings.

"What started out as a joke had the potential to place the responding deputies, officers and public in danger," BMTN quotes the Stearns County Sheriff's Office saying. "By the time the officers left, the student understood what they did was wrong. It’s important to note that the student receiving the Snapchat absolutely did the right thing."

"The real problem was the attempted joke, which failed miserably. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it was only a very unfunny joke."

All student and children names were withheld in the original Bring Me the News post and have likewise been excluded here.

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