One of the perks I have working in the field in which I work, radio, is I get to see and hear all types of music in all types of formats. One of my favorite mediums to hear music is on vinyl. The sound is just so rich. Don't get me wrong HD versions of songs are great, but there is something about firing up the record player popping on the record, and then sliding the needle over and resting it on the record and hearing that music begins to play is just so wonderful.

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Here are the top-20 most owned or wanted albums of 1970 according to Discogs and Wikipedia. 

The Most Wanted/Owned Albums of 1970

Just that list alone doesn't really even begin to scratch the surface of the year that was 1970. Going through my mother-in-law's collection she had about half of these, so I believe that this is a pretty good list that Discogs put out for most wanted/owned albums in 1970.

But when we talk about the 80s...

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