A viral video apparently shows one man pulling a large box off of the back of an Amazon delivery truck in the middle of traffic. Social media has reacted to the viral clip, with some calling this a win-win situation.

Twitter via @T10Artist
Twitter via @T10Artist

Video shows a man standing in the middle of a busy street while approaching a delivery truck. The truck seemingly has its back door open enough for a box to be sticking out. One man was there in the road and when the truck began to drive away, the man simply grabbed a hold of the box.


As the delivery truck drove off, the man shuffled off of the road with what appears to be a television.

Man Takes Box from the Back of Moving Amazon Delivery Truck

Check out the full video for yourself via @T10Artist on Twitter below.

If this was in fact a television that this man secured from the back of the truck, he just had quite the score. I am not sure what prompted him to think about taking the box from the back of the truck while it drove off, but nevertheless it appears as though this man has made off with a brand new TV for himself.

Reactions to the clip here.

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