A restaurant in Mankato called La Terraza Grill and Bar is being forced to give $160,182 in backpay to 26 employees.

Employees have been cheated out of money in many different ways. Servers were sometimes forced to work for only tips. Bring Me the News reports "bussers, food runners, cooks and dishwashers would also work only for flat salaries, without any consideration for how many hours they worked."

They would deduct servers uniform costs from their paychecks and didn't pay workers for some of the hours that they worked. All of this resulted in some employees being paid less than the $7.25 per hour federal minimum.

There were 3 other restaurants, two in Minnesota and one in Iowa, that are also being forced to give backpay to employees. All of these restaurants have one thing in common, a woman named Janete Alvarez Campos is on the list of owners for all four restaurants.

Minneapolis Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division District Director, David King, said in a press release that "'employers must pay their employees the wages they have legally earned.'"



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