Some relationships end with both sides realizing maybe you are both better off being friends, others well can be a bit messy. One midwestern pet rescue is offering you the chance to show your former #1 a little #2 this Valentine's Day.

The Sioux Falls Area Animal Humane Society is offering up a unique fundraiser that involves your ex's name and a litter box.

The shelter is offering up a little 'revenge' for that crappy ex of yours. For a small donation, they will write your ex's name on the bottom of a litter box and the humane society cats will take care of the rest.

The post of the fundraiser, which has gone a little viral with the creativity behind it, simply states:

Feeling poopy about Valentine's Day? Let our cats cheer you up! For a donation, we will write your ex's name on the bottom of a litter box and let our adoptable cats do what they will with it...

It should be noted that for some privacy, they are only taking the first name of your ex for the dirty deed.

The cost of all this, a $5-30 donation online to the Humane Society, or if you want you can input a custom amount to donate towards the South Dakota humane society.

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I've got to wonder with the popularity of this online, if other area shelters will offer up something similar in the upcoming days leading up to Feb 14.

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