Over the past few days I've had some interesting events going on in my liife. On Saturday we celebrated my youngest granddaughter's second birthday. On Sunday my wife and I attended the final Minneapolis performance of Cirque du Soleil's Toruk: The First Flight and yesterday I enjoyed a visit from a high school friend I haven't seen for about six years, since our 30th class reunion. It was great catching up with him over lunch at Basilleo's Pizza.

In between all of that, I was over at my parents helping my brother, Jason; and my sister, Kim; along with my nephew, Bruce; nephew-in-law, Eric; and future nephew-in-law, Miguel. Now I realize that nephew-in-law is not really a thing, but I wasn't sure how to describe their relationship to me. OK, that aside, all those people were there over the course of the past few days to re-shingle my parents' garage. Unbelievably it has never been re-shingled since it was built in the mid-'70s, so not surprisingly the shingles were in rough shape and there was a little water damage to some of the plywood.

We started tearing off the shingles on Friday after work and finished removing them on Saturday morning. We replaced the plywood that needed attention and spent the past few days re-shingling the roof. My brother put the final shingle on the peak last night. There's still some trimming of shingles to be done and some clean up on the ground, but thankfully the bulk of the work is done.

Now on to the next project, replacing Sheetrock and re-carpeting my basement after the water damage a couple of weeks ago.