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Plenty of kids decide to spend their summer break playing video games and watching videos, but not Hudson and Henrik. These two 11-year-old Hermantown, Minnesota boys decided last summer they were going to build a 9-hole mini-golf course in the woods by Hudson's house.

The adventure started after Henrik and his family took a vacation up north where they played mini-golf, according to Boyd Huppert from KARE 11. Henrik thought the course was so fun that he wanted to build one of his own with Hudson. The way Hudson described the conversation to Boyd was, “We were bored drinking Kool-Aid, and then Henrik said, ‘Why don't we make a mini-golf course?'”

The course is made up of plastic Dixie cups dug into the ground as holes, a dryer vent being used as a tunnel, rocks were also built into tunnels too, and chicken wire helps you stay on course. There's lots of creativity that had to go into this and I'm very impressed!

Despite how cool the course is, it is a little challenging because the "green" is all dirt. Henrik and Hudson rake the dirt to get rid of any seeds that have fallen but it's not perfect. That's ok though because it was a fun summer project for the boys and it will provide lots of entertainment in the future I'm sure. Actually, the mini-golf course was such a big success that Hudson's sister made it part of her high school graduation party this summer for guests to enjoy. I wonder what they'll do with the course next summer.

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