My family has been getting together for a visit to area pumpkin patches every year since the birth of my grandchildren. I wish that I would've started this tradition when my own children were young, but there were bills to be paid and overtime to be to be worked plus a little part-time job called Power 96 and KDHL took up most of my free time on the weekends. Now that I only work at the radio station and my kids have all grown up, I have a little more free time and some fun money to spend so we usually spend treating my grandkids to some of the things that their parents didn't get to experience.

This year we chose Tweite's Family Farm in Byron as our pumpkin patch destination. Not only do they have a huge pumpkin field filled with a variety of shapes and sizes of those gourds used to celebrate Halloween, but they have a huge corn maze and tons of imaginatively created playground toys for kids of all ages to play on.

This year's corn maze looks like a pirate ship from above and contains more than 3 miles of pathways that cover 12 acres. There are also nine checkpoints that you have to find and mark on the back of your map. Find all nine and you have chance to win tickets to come back next year. It took us quite a while to navigate our way through the twists, turns and dead ends that make up the maze, but we finally found our way out.

My grandchildren really enjoyed the many huge and smaller slides that we found all over the grounds, as well as the many fun things that had been created out of tractor and truck tires. We also got a game of mini-golf in, which really wasn't so mini. Our clubs were large mallets and the ball was a plastic kickball that we had to putt done the green into a large hole. If your kids like riding trikes, make sure you bring them over to race around the track at the Pumpkin 500. There were so many fun things to see and do that we ran out of time before we could do them all. Tweite's wagon ride was a great way to get around to all the the play areas on their farm. When we started getting a little hungry we checked out the snack shop and store to pick up fudge and candy and other treats. We had purchased the Ultimate Combo Pack ticket for everyone in our group that allowed us access to Corn Maze, Fun Park, Old McGeezer's Golf, a bag of mini-donuts and a bounce back pass that would get us in another day because we figured it was the best deal for all the things we wanted to do.

Before we left we ventured out to the pumpkin patch and each picked out our own pumpkin. It looks like I'm going to be busy carving pumpkins before Halloween. I know my whole family enjoyed their visit to Tweite's Family Farms and we'll definitely be going back.

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