Minneapolis was ranked at the top of yet another list! This time, they're one of the best places in the country for celebrating Christmas, according to WalletHub.

In order to determine this list, WalletHub looked at a lot of different factors. They looked at the number of churches (the more churches in the area the less crowded the Christmas service will be). They also looked at shopping dining out, holiday events, traditions, and overall costs.

They compared the 100 biggest cities in the US and here are your top 10:

1. Atlanta, GA

2. Orlando, FL

3. New York, NY

4. Pittsburgh, PA

5. Chicago, IL

6. Las Vegas, NV

7. Los Angeles, CA

8. San Francisco, CA

9. Seattle, WA

10. Portland, OR

Yeah, you probably noticed Minneapolis isn't in the top 10, but they're number 16, so not too shabby! Beating us out at number 15 is Birmingham, AL and behind us at 17 is Miami, FL.

And if you're curious, St. Paul ranked number 47. Rochester was not ranked because they aren't one of the 100 biggest cities in the US.

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