I'm sorry, but what in the hell were these people thinking?

According to a story published by Southern Minnesota News, a man and woman in southern Minnesota are accused of dropping off a 5-year-old boy in the woods as punishment for... are you ready for this... wetting himself.

What kind of sick, and sadistic person makes sense of stranding a child of any age in the woods and then thinks they won't piss themselves again in fear the second they walk away? But it gets worse, because how this boy was discovered will absolutely break your heart.

Reports state he was later spotted walking and crying along a highway near St. Peter when a motorist picked him up soaking wet from all the rain. What's even more sickening, investigators found “multiple black and blue and red bruises” on the boy’s back, buttocks and hips.

The "parents", Lynda Michel, 42, and Gregory Wilson, 32 were charged with child neglect on Friday in Nicollet County District Court. The child was taken into protective custody and is currently in foster care.

I pray this young man never has to put up with the b.s. of these two monsters ever again.


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