This poor family from Industrial Township, about 20 miles northwest of Duluth, lost everything in a fire on Sunday night. But if it wasn't for their pit bull mix named Milo they would have lost their lives too.

Dave and Carrie Hansen were both fast asleep and had no idea their home was burning to the ground until Milo woke up Carrie who then woke up Dave.

Dave told Duluth News Tribune, "'We were pretty sound asleep. The fire alarm could have been going off, but if the dog didn't wake the wife up and the wife didn't wake me up, I still would have been lying there.'"

Their home was still under construction at the time and so none of it was insured. And to make things worse, Dave's source of income is working odd jobs with the tools in his garage which were all lost in the fire. The loss totals about $750,000.

There is a GoFundMe set up to help the Hansen's.

"'You always hear how your dog will save your life,'" Carrie told Duluth News Tribune, "'and this dog; I just can't believe it.'"



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