A Minnesota firefighter named Doug Foote is walking 200 miles across Minnesota to raise awareness about firefighter health concerns. Doug began his journey on Sunday morning and plans to reach his destination by Saturday.

Why is this Minnesota Firefighter Walking 200 Miles?

Firefighters face a lot of health challenges. FOX 9 writes "that cancer, cardiac arrest, and suicide ... are killing [firefighters] at higher rates than the general public." Doug wants to bring more awareness to this issue in order to help his fellow firefighters, hence the 200-mile walk.

Minnesota Firefighter Initiative

The Minnesota Firefighter Initiative has an effort called Miles for MnFIRE and that's the effort Doug is participating in. Doug has already raised almost $10,000 for the cause. He says that people will pull up next to him while he's walking and hand him checks.

Doug's 200-mile walk began in western Minnesota, in Marietta. He walks about 30 miles per day and has been stopping at fire stations along the way. He plans to reach the capitol in St. Paul by Saturday. The walk doesn't sound like it has been lonely, either, because he's had firefighters and their families join him along the way. He told FOX 9, "I love Minnesota. What better way to do something than by walking across the greatest state in the union."

If you would like more information about the physical and mental struggles that firefighters can face in their life, more information about the Minnesota Firefighter Initiative, and how you can help, you can find all of that HERE.

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