International Design Center in Edina recently placed an ad in the Minneapolis Star Tribune Sports section in regards to a FREE sofa. Normally this wouldn't be such a big story, except that the free furniture ad was directed at a certain head coach in Louisiana. The ad subtly stated;

"For the head coach of the New Orleans pro football team, courtesy of International Design Center. We want to make sure you are comfortable watching the purple this weekend."

Above the script was a picture of a comfortable couch and the words 'FREE SOFA'. Under the jab were the words 'Minneapolis Miracle' in bright red.

The story doesn't end there as New Orleans Head Coach Sean Payton responded to the ad on twitter saying he would take the sofa and donate it to Minnesota Children's Hospital along with $25,000 going to Saints Punter Thomas Morstead's charity.

Coach Trolled Image Via Twitter

Payton even stated that he would be rooting for the Vikings in Sunday's NFC Championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Although he didn't elaborate what he would be sitting on to watch the game.

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