While it's currently unclear if this was a warning to Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota-born and Minneota raised 23-year-old Austin Buysse made short work of the beer he was holding in his right hand after he caught a home run barehanded with his left hand! The video was first picked up and shared by ESPN on Twitter. I mean look at his form! 

Buysse gets bonus points for the cup spike at the end. To contrast Buysse's beer chugging skills let's compare him to ol' #12 in this video from ESPN on Facebook.

Where's the heart A-A-Ron?

Back to the most popular man in Minneota. KARE-11 in the Twin Cities reports Buysse isn't all homerun grabbing and beer chugging, as Buysee is currently an "online Masters student at Dakota Wesleyan University for education policy administration." He also plays for the Mudhens in Minneota, so maybe we see him at the Amateur State Baseball tournament later this summer.

By the way...if this guy is making education policy, sign me up for that school.

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