Imagine being in a rocket-powered sled, going over ice and snow at 250+ MPH. That was the dream of Minnesotan Kurt Anderson this weekend in Wisconsin as he took his sled, the aptly named Arctic Arrow, to the Manawa Snodeo to attempt to set a new world land/ice speed record.

The Minneapolis built Arctic Arrow rocket “sled” and pilot Kurt Anderson attempted to run for the World Ice Speed record of 247.93 MPH at this year's Snodeo event on Bear Lake, Sunday.

Anderson, who failed in this weekend's attempt to set the record, wasn't too broken up about it. He told WBAY news in Green Bay that "I could do it all day long if I could drive back to Minneapolis in this thing I would."

What's unique about Anderson's sled is that it runs on hydrogen peroxide. It's a really strong version of the 3% hydrogen peroxide you can pick up at a Walgreens store, but instead of burning, the fuel goes through a decomposition. You can learn more about that and the build from here.

While the record wasn't set, he still looked pretty awesome tearing down the ice at a breakneck speed.

The current record set back in 1981 by Sammy Miller on Lake George, NY has stood for 34 years. You can watch that 1981 record below.

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