I haven't been very open about this and my mom always tells me I need to be. In college I had a professor scare me after opening up, so since then I've kept this to myself.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia in the second grade. My parents were amazing and paid for tutors, took me to appointments and worked with me at home to ensure that I would be successful in life. There weren't a lot of resources available when I was in school, so we had to find them ourselves. I think of my learning disability as a gift because I would not have the work ethic or be the person I am today without it.

A Minnesota mom went through the exact same thing my parents went through, but she developed something that would have helped me so much. WCCO says that Dolly Lowery worked with a Flordia physician to develop a video game they call BrainyAct by Kinuu. The article says this game is developed to target the weaknesses of the person and focus on things like gross motor skill, rhythm, and timing. They developed the game for kids with ADHD, anxiety, and dyslexia. The goal is to work towards having something for Alzheimer patients.

The game can be kind of spendy. It costs around $2,000 for an in-home center, or you can also go to the center and have tutors assist your child with the game. They tried to make it fun so the kids will feel normal. Coming from a person who deals with this on a daily basis, I totally understand wanting to feel like the other kids.

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