I don't even like to run that much, the most I run is if I feel like doing interval training on the treadmill, and even then I don't run for very long! And then there's this Minnesota teen who goes to her first marathon and places 6th out of all women runners. WHAT?!

Tierney Wolfgram is from Woodbury and the Star Tribune writes she is a "two-time defending state Class 1A cross-country champion, was the youngest woman in the top 25 by eight years [at the Twin Cities Marathon], and one of two Minnesota teens to finish in the top 50 [at the Twin Cities Marathon]."

She told the Star Tribune that her one goal for her first marathon was to just have fun! Well, I would think she's having even more fun now celebrating the fact that she finished in the top 10! Her time was 2 hours, 40 minutes, 3 seconds.

She is quite the impressive runner but when the Star Tribune asked her when she would run her next marathon she said "'I don't know, I’ve got a cross-country season to finish up.'"


Source: Star Tribune


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