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Yesterday the city of Plymouth released a reminder to residents that you must pick up your dog's poop. If you don't, the city is encouraging residents to call 911 on you. Is this the right thing to do or dramatic?

In the city of Plymouth's news release, they say:

For the safety of the community, residents who observe violations of the above animal ordinances or any other public safety concerns are encouraged to call 911 immediately so that a community service officer or police officer can respond.

The 'above animal ordinances' they're referring to are the ones about picking up your own dog's poop and also that you have to have your dog on a leash at all times.

Telling someone to call 911 sounds dramatic but I also think it's good to get someone else involved when someone doesn't pick up after their own dog. First of all, that's nasty if you just leave your dog's poo everywhere for everyone to look at and smell. Yuck. Second of all, dog poop is really bad for the water in the area. The city of Plymouth writes, "Dog waste contains harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses that pollute water bodies and can cause illness."

To dog owners here in Rochester and all of southeast Minnesota, please pick up after your dog for the sake of everyone and our water.

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