Another sign that spring will eventually arrive in the Northland is that turkey hunting licenses will go on sale this week across the state of Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reminds hunters that turkey hunting licenses are on sale beginning Tuesday, March 1, and they can conveniently be purchased in a variety of ways.

Minnesota turkey hunting licenses can be purchased online, by phone at 888-665-4236 or in person wherever hunting and fishing licenses are sold.

The Department of Natural Resources notes that to help understand hunter distribution, license agents will be asking all hunters which permit area they plan to hunt. That information is useful to the DNR in managing the state’s turkey population. Keep in mind that hunters who identify their permit area are not restricted to hunting in only that area.

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Permits to hunt the popular Carlos Avery, Mille Lacs and Whitewater wildlife management areas in the A-C time periods were distributed by lottery for firearms hunters 18 and older. Lottery results are also available on the turkey hunting page.

Once the seasons get underway, hunters should remember these turkey registration rules rules will apply:

  • Wild turkeys must be registered within 24 hours of harvest.
  • You may now register by three methods: at a registration station, by calling 888-706-6367 or online.
  • The feathers, head, and feet must remain on the wild turkey until it is registered.
  • Once registered turkeys may be transported with just a fully feathered attached wing, or an intact leg and foot.
  • No person may possess an unregistered wild turkey outside the wild turkey permit area where the bird was taken unless it is being transported in a direct route to a registration station.
  • Although hunters are not restricted to a permit area, hunters who register a turkey will be required to provide the permit area where they harvested their bird.

Minnesota's turkey hunting season dates and complete hunt rules can be found on the DNR’s handy turkey hunting information page.

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