Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON today.  Turkey hunting begins in Minnesota next Wednesday April 14th.  Glen says he doesn't think there will be an ammunition shortage for turkey hunting since most hunters won't need much.  Glen says the perception is that turkeys aren't smart and that might be the case but it takes a little preparation to have a successful turkey hunt.  He expects turkey hunters numbers to be high this year.


Glen spend some time last week doing some panfish fishing.  He says the fishing wasn't great and that we are about 2 weeks ahead of where we normally would be due to the weather.  He says getting back to average temperatures for this time of year will help with both fishing and hunting.  The 10-day weather forecast indicates a return to normal to below normal temperatures for Minnesota.

We are about a month away from the Minnesota walleye fishing opener.  Glen says being ahead of schedule with ice out with these warmer temperatures isn't likely to impact the walleye fishing much if at all.  He says the weather in Minnesota changes often and snow in April and/or May could still happen.

Glen Schmitt joins me weekly on WJON Thursdays from 8:40-8:50.  Check out writings from Glen and more Outdoor News here.

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