The Minnesota Vikings won against Seattle for the first time in 12 years yesterday, which was reason enough for some to celebrate. One fan, before the game was over, took to celebrating by running onto the field and was attempting to do a touchdown dance before he was smoked by security.

If you were listening to the game on the radio, rather than watching on TV, the Vikings flagship station, KFAN, ended up offering up a little play-by-play of the fan being on the field.

If you were watching on TV, FOX didn't show the fan, they never do. Here are two looks at the fan on the field, and at the end, before he gets blown up by security the fan is attempting to celebrate ala Justin Jefferson of the Vikings with the endzone dance known as 'The Griddy'.

Before you decide that you too will do 'The Griddy' on the turf at US Bank Stadium you should know that running onto the field is guaranteeing you a night in jail, a fine, and a possible ban from the venue for a year if not longer. According to "rushing the field typically "comes with a criminal trespass charge, a night in jail, and a lifetime ban from the venue", penalties for running onto the field vary from state to state, with some having higher dollar figures/fines attached to them.

As for the guy on the field Sunday at the Vikings game, one would think there was liquid courage behind his bold move.

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