We've all been on vacations where when they are about to end and we'd do anything to stay just a bit longer.  Careful what you wish for.

Photo Credit: Diana Schmidt
Photo Credit: Diana Schmidt

Well, Diana Schmidt of Delano has done just that but not under optimal conditions. She was set to depart back to Minnesota after a spending a great vacation in Playa Del Carmen with her daughter on her daughter's senior trip.

Things didn't go as planned after Diana tested positive for COVID and must now stay in a hotel room in Mexico for up to 14 days. Others in her party all tested negative and went home leaving Diana to deal with her less than favorable extended stay in Mexico.

"This could be a long week and a half if I really have to stay that long," Schmidt said.

Since Diana is a nurse practitioner at Children's Minnesota, she has been fully vaccinated since January. But being vaccinated doesn't mean you can't get COVID but protects you from getting severely ill from the virus.

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Monday, Schmidt developed a little cough and sore throat. "But it wasn't bad and, again, I just thought I was sleeping with the air conditioner on," Schmidt recalled.

Wednesday, Schmidt had some sinus pressure but still didn't think she had contracted COVID.  Thursday she took her required COVID test to return to the U.S.  About 5 minutes after taking her test, she got a call telling her she had tested positive. She has been quarantined since then in her hotel room.

Luckily for Schmidt, she purchased her hotel's COVID insurance for $30.  The insurance covers her hotel room and food for 14 days.  "Now I'm really glad I signed that paper," Schmidt said  "You have to be aware that quarantine is very realistic and it's very possible that you may end up here. It's a very small room. They literally have a guard standing outside my door 24/7. You cannot leave... Do you have the patience to be able to do that? And is that vacation worth it, should you end up in quarantine?"

Schmidt will be tested on a regular basis and each test costs $100.

"You could test positive and you could get it, and now I'm looking at being here potentially 19 days after my arrival," Schmidt said.

We hope Diana can test negative soon and get back home to Minnesota.

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