Masks are now required in Sanborn, MN but not because of COVID-19.

As of last Friday, masks are now required in the small southern Minnesota town of Sanborn. Shockingly, it has nothing to do with COVID-19 but -- rather -- ugly residents.

"Effective immediately masks are required within city limits," the city's Facebook page reads. "We don't care about covid, our residents are just ugly."

Now, before you (or anyone else) gets upset, just remember -- the City of Sanborn, MN Facebook page is a parody account of the city's actual Facebook page City of Sanborn MN Government Page and is known for its prank/satirical posts in the past. In January 2019, the parody Facebook page put the little town of 340 (as of then) on the map with a viral (and slightly crude) Facebook post about winter plowing.

"We're gonna plow at 8:00 tonight," read the post dated January 18, 2019. "Get your damn car off the street or we will bury the sumbitch!"

Facebook had a heyday with the post, sharing it over 4.5k times and leading to headlines around Minnesota. The post also created a bit of a hoopla locally, with some residents leaving heated comments and starting arguments after mistaking the page's satirical nature.

Within days, the parody page surpassed the actual city of Sanborn's Facebook page by over 7,000 followers. The creator of the account even used the page's sudden fame to begin printing and selling limited-edition t-shirts to help raise money for local causes like the Sanford Fire Department and first responders.

Following its 15 minutes of fame, the parody page City of Sanborn, MN remained quiet for a year and a half...up until last week. The latest satire post has thus far received over 120 comments and over 700 shares from fans.

"Greatest comeback tour of all time!" joked one follower.

"I was just thinking about this page not that long ago and wondering how come I hadn’t seen anything in awhile," commented another. "Glad to see a post from you! This world needs a little humor!"

"Sumbitches better wear masks or you are GUARANTEED to get plowed in this winter!" joked a third, referring to the original Facebook post that launched the page to stardom.

"I need a City of Sanborn mask," pleaded another.

Well, after the success of the Sanborn t-shirts, we wouldn't be surprised if we begin seeing masks in the very near future!

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