In the ultimate tale of Minnesota Nice, a Northern Minnesota woman whose daughter was helped by a first responder has responded in her own way by donating her kidney to him. Bill Cox, a volunteer firefighter from the Northern Minnesota town of Bearville, was in need of a new kidney when fate brought the grateful mother to an event where the two met again. 

It was during that second chance meeting that the woman, Becca Bundy, realized that she was the same blood type that Bill was. Bill was born with only one kidney and that lone kidney he later told CNN was failing. It was so bad that Bill went on dialysis in January.

Luckily as fate would have it, he ran into that grateful Minnesota mother whose child he helped while she was having a seizure two years ago. The kidney transplant happened in February and not only is Bill doing much better it has also served to bring the two families closer in a town of 200 people.

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