While the temperatures are cooler this week and the humidity and dew points are finally out of the oppressive range, last weekend was one of the hottest of the summer. So why was MnDOT already thinking of winter?

MnDOT's District 6 office posted a picture on their Twitter page Friday that showed a big 'ol dump truck dropping off a load of road salt at their storage facility just off Highway-52 in Rochester.

So, what's the deal? Does MnDOT have an in with a secret weather expert who's predicting a brutally snowy winter-- so much so that MnDOT is secretly stocking up on road salt here in the middle of July?!?

Well, yes-- and no. While MnDOT may not have a secret weather predictor (at least not that I know of, anyway), they ARE stocking up on road salt. But it's not because they believe our upcoming winter is supposed to be unusually cold or snowy.

It turns out July is the time of year MnDOT usually orders road salt and begins taking deliveries, so they're ready to go in the fall and winter. Because, as we all know, even though snow in summer usually doesn't happen, snow in the fall in Minnesota isn't all that uncommon at all.

However, if you're looking for a prediction on just what Old Man Winter has in store for us this year, the always-reputable Farmer's Almanac's 2018 Winter Weather forecast says we might be spared. While precipitation is predicted to be above-average for most of the country, here in the Upper Midwest, they're calling for below-normal snowfall, with milder-than-usual temps.

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