What a victim impact statement. A youth pastor in Oregon was being sentenced for filming a 14-year-old girl exiting a shower, and a father of two of his victims jumped the rail and knocked his butt out. Who hasn't dreamed of doing this to a sex offender, especially if they are in a position of authority?

The whole story came out during a burglary investigation at the church, and investigators found a collection of videos which showed juveniles undressing, showering and using the bathroom in the ex-youth pastor's home, on church trips, and at summer camps. The ex-pastor's name is Donald Courtney Biggs, age 40, and he has been sitting in a jail cell since 2015. Biggs pleaded guilty to one felony count of transporting with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

Biggs was in court for sentencing, and his attorney had been making a statement about how his client regretted his actions, this was just after the victim impact statements. It was at this time that Kevin Patrick Smith, age 45 and father of 2 of the victims, jumped the rail and proceeded to open a can of whoop butt. Biggs was hospitalized and Smith was arrested for a misdemeanor charge of obstructing governmental or judicial administration, fourth-degree assault and disorderly conduct. He was being held at the Jackson County Jail on $12,500 bail.

There was a GoFundME page set up to raise money for Smith, and the description on the page is well worth a read. The title is "Hero punches pedophile." At the time of me typing this, more than $7500 had been raised, more than the goal of $5000.

Sentencing for Biggs was postponed and he faces up to 16 years in prison.

While I am not a fan of vigilante justice, I really hope that Smith gets a slap on the wrist only for this. What parent has not thought about doing this exact same thing?


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