Over the weekend I had to stop to buy some chemicals. No, I'm not Walter White, it was for our above ground swimming pool as we were are preparing for summer. Walking into the store, I was greeted by shelves that were abnormally slim on items. Apparently there has been a run on above ground pools as community pools have been closed due to COVID-19. 

Talking with the staff at the store they are having a hard time keeping some chemicals for a pool on the shelf as it's been non-stop calls about chlorine, pool shock, muriatic acid, algaecides, etc.

At first, I was surprised at hearing this, but it made more sense as I drove home. I started to see a few more above ground pools popping up in people's yards. A quick look at some online retailers showed some limited stock of above ground pools ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

There is some good news as it seems municipal pools like the ones in Wanamingo, Kenyon, and Faribault might be opening up in the next few weeks. So you can maybe hold off on that pool purchase and get some sweet municipal pool relief.

If you are opting to purchase a pool check your city's charter or list of ordinances as some city's have different rules in regards to above ground pools. Some city's want a fence around your pool, others don't seem to care. The state of Minnesota requires a building permit for swimming pools holding more than 5,000 gallons and are greater than 2 feet deep.

Our pool is actually an old grain bin that was repurposed as a pool by the previous homeowner.

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