Head's up if you're heading to or from Zumbrota and want to get there using Highway 52 -- more detours on the ramps to Highway 58 start today.

Google Street View
Google Street View

The Highway 58 bridge over Highway 52 in Zumbrota has been just one of several road construction projects that have affected traffic between Rochester and the Twin Cities this year.

And, according to a new release from MnDOT, starting today, if you're trying to head south from Highway 58 onto Highway 52, you'll have to head NORTH, take the Highway 60 exit (the next one up the road), cross over Highway 52 and then take the south on-ramp.

And, if you're heading NORTH of Highway 52 and want to exit onto Highway 58 to head into Zumbrota, you'll have to do pretty much the same thing: Keep heading north to Highway 60, take that exit, cross over Highway 52 and then take the south on-ramp back onto 52. Then, take the newly-opened Highway 58 off ramp, cross back over Highway 52 and continue on your way along Highway 58 into downtown Zumbrota.

It's all because crews will be redoing the southbound ramp onto Highway 52 from Highway 58. MnDOT also said the Highway 58 bridge remains open to businesses and other roads on the west side of Highway 52.

The new bridge is scheduled to open in later this fall.

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